KLAD Agencies represent manufacturers specializing in industry leading building envelope products. We represent the following Division 7 Building Materials Manufacturers:


Fairview architectural cladding manufacture and supply fire rated ACM sheets and innovative panel systems. In addition, Fairview have the largest selection of colours and finishes availible for the construction industry and are the only metal facade cladding manufacturer to offer a complete facade package to customers.  This thanks to Fairview's purpose-built and patented Arrowhead installation system.


KØL is a natural through-coloured panel that highlights the raw beauty and matte texture of cement. Each panel has subtle variations in colour and pigment which allow for slight differences in its tonality and texture. Fibre cement is a composite material made up of cement, mineral fillers, cellulose and non-toxic fibres. These natural materials ensure KØL panels are environmentally-friendly and long lasting. KØL High Density Fibre Cement is offered in Standard and Plank sizes and can also be ordered factory cut to custom sizes to accommodate your project.Standard sizes are available and in stock in North America. They can be fabricated on the construction site with standard hand tools or in a shop with CNC equipment. Possibilities are endless with KØL’s range of colours, sizes and textures. KØL High Density Fibre Cement is offered in Standard and Plank sizes and can also be ordered factory cut to custom sizes to accommodate your project. 


Light Trim siding solutions are a 100% Canadian based company specializing in designing and manufacturing trims, screws, nails, tools and paint for fibre cement siding.


AVM’s Aussie Skin 550® is a heavy duty, easy to install, puncture resistant sheet waterproofing membrane. For below grade waterproofing and blind-side waterproofing applications, Aussie Skin Skin 550® eliminates any migration of water between itself and the concrete surfaces it is bonded to.

Our team is experienced with a wide range of Division 7 products and applications. Let our expertise help you make the best choice of building envelope and fenestration products that meet both your building requirements and budget.


TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent offers a unique solution to the dilemma of how to protect concrete structures from premature deterioration (by providing excellent waterproofing protection, while also increasing the durability and sustainability of the concrete). This paper explains the proprietary chemical reactions that allow the TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing System to waterproof the concrete matrix itself… for the design life of a structure. 

Once the TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing Agent has been applied and watered in, a chemical reaction will begin to occur, that creates a protective waterproofing gel. The chemical reaction that forms this gel occurs ½” – ¾” below the surface of the concrete, and prevents any water, chemicals, chloride ions, etc. from reaching the steel reinforcement bars that were placed in the concrete during the construction of the structure. This gel does not form on the surface of the concrete and does not change the appearance of the concrete surface. It also does not affect the slipperiness coefficient of the surface, or the ability of other products to adhere to it. The concrete surface is virtually the same after the waterproofing application as it was before the application.