KLAD Agencies is a manufacturers representative agency that specializes in building envelope and expansion joint products.

Division 7 Thermal and Moisture protection includes:

Thermal and Moisture Protection Materials and Methods, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection, Shingles, Roof Tiles, and Roof Coverings, Roofing and Siding Panels, Membrane Roofing, Flashing and Sheet Metal, Roof Specialties and Accessories, Fire and Smoke Protection as well as Joint Sealers.

KLAD is a national sales agency that can provide manufctures representation accross Canada.

KLAD utilizes the SaleForce CRM program as an integral tool in managing our project opportunities on a daily basis. The system helps us to ensure all projects are tracked effectively. Projects are tracked from conceptual stage to completion and information is shared by the KLAD team to contractors, architects, project managers and project decision makers ensuring materials are installed when specified. With project third party software applications tracking services Insights, Invitely Prime and Bidingo, KLAD is able to determine the best time to engage your team to provide bidders with quotations well in advance of tender closing.